smart Video Gallery

We're for helping keep things green, safe, and put a bit of fun back into driving. Don't underestimate smart for its size because good things can come in small packages too. Here at smart Victoria we want to show you what we can do.

dancing traffic light

You just have to make life fun sometimes. No one likes waiting for a traffic light making that the most dangerous place for pedestrians so we decided to do something to change that.

the new smart fortwo

The urban original smart fortwo has been reinvented. With more fun, style, and personality than before.

smart electric drive drag race

We're built for the city. When it come to the first 5 meters we make sure to make it count. We are not to be underestimated even when electric.

smart electric drive offroading

Seeing a small electric car off road doesn't really make any sense. It's the same as seeing an SUV in the city. Smart electric is built to solve your city problems.

smart car safety test

smart car isn't here to trick you with gimmicks, lights, and wires especially when it come to your safety. So we decided to make a raw video safety test no enhancements necessary.

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