Cab Chassis

Key Features:
   BlueTEC Diesel Engine

A 2.1L 4-cylinder, 2-stage turbocharged BlueTEC diesel engine. And a 7-speed 7G-TRONIC PLUS transmission that delivers 161 hp, 265 lb-ft of torque, and best-in-class fuel efficiency. You'll never find this level of efficiency and power in any other drivetrain on the road. And for those who prefer the increased horsepower and torque of a 6-cylinder, the 3.0L BlueTEC diesel engine with 5-speed transmission is also available.
Cab Comfort

The cab of the Sprinter Cab Chassis is built for ease of operation with new levels of functionality, and quality components and controls.
  ADAPTIVE ESP®4 Electronic Stability Program

ADAPTIVE ESP®4 Electronic Stability Program measures load conditions and takes control of critical system functions to provide maximum stability. When the system detects wheelspin, understeer, or oversteer, brake force is automatically applied to one or more wheels, and engine output is adjusted to immediately stabilize the vehicle.
   All-Steel, Lightweight Frame

The sturdy, lightweight design of the Sprinter Cab Chassis enables it to support even the heaviest payloads.
"Upfitter Friendly" Features

Nothing gives you more flexibility than the Sprinter Cab Chassis. With unobstructed frame rails, it can handle just about any unique configuration you require. We only partner with top upfit and bodybuilding specialists, so you can be sure that every step of your upfit experience will meet the high-quality standards you've come to expect from Mercedes-Benz. Find a complete list of Mercedes-Benz Vans Preferred Upfitters here.

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